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Avoiding getting ill

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    If I take precautions to prevent myself from getting ill, will my immune system weaken to a point where it is highly likely that I'll get ill when exposed to any bacteria or virus (if I actually manage to avoid getting sick for a period of years)?
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    I'm feeling slightly nauseous now.
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    Does your immune system strenghthen (or maintain) whenever you get ill?
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    There seems to be a fair bit of evidence monting that the growth in Allergies, ashma and similar diseases are partly due to the clean environment we live in. The Immune system has little to do and attacks the body instead!

    Eat dirt, don't wash, live long!!!
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    I am a bodybuilder and therefore eat eight times per day. Consequently, I frequently drop food on the ground and eat it. Is this okay?
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    Consequently? How does being a body builder and eating 8 times a day make you drop food on the ground a lot? Anyway, 3 second rule says if you pick it up before you can count to 3, it's okay :biggrin: I wouldn't recommend it if you're in a scummy locker room, or standing on a public sidewalk, but if you have a reasonably clean kitchen floor and that's what you drop it on, no big deal, unless you own pets...then eeeeewwww, furry food!
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    Ohh... it little castor or cod liver oil will move that hairball right along... :rofl: :rofl:
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    Yes, it is probably a good thing to get into contact with some "dirt" and not to live in a "too clean" environment. However it is not necessary to become ill from this, just too have contact with it, if you do not get ill from this that is sign that your imunne system is doing well, that it is dealing with the bacteria without affecting your whole system so much that you get sick.
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    a) I eat more than twice as rrequently as other people.

    b) Because of a), I have to eat in when I'm doing other things (like walking between classes). This makes it easier to drop food.
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