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Homework Help: Aw man

  1. Jun 30, 2005 #1
    anyways, theres a beam w/ a weight on the end. total=36 lbs. Its 22 in. out from a pivot on the wall. 4" out from the wall and 1 7/16" up from the beam there's a 4.5" pully. There's also another pully above that, and a belt between those two. The beam sags 7 deg. from wall to tip under load. How much force on the belt?

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    Please International system, please!!!!
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    36 lbs =16.33 kg / 160 newtons force down

    22 IN = .56m
    18 IN = .46m
    4 in = .10m
    1 7/16 = .037m
    4.5 in = .11m
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