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AWARE—AWAreness during REsuscitation

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    First about people who are writing the article :

    Sam Parnia,Ken Spearpoint,Gabriele de Vos,Peter Fenwick,Diana Goldberg,Jie Yang,JiawenZhu,Katie Baker,Hayley Killingback, Paula McLean,Melanie Wood,A.Maziar Zafari,Neal Dickert,Roland Beisteiner,Fritz Sterz,Michael Berger,Celia Warlow,Siobhan Bullock,Salli Lovett,Russell Metcalfe Smith McPara,Sandra Marti-Navarette,Pam Cushing,Paul Wills,Kayla Harris,Jenny Sutton,Anthony Walmsley,Charles D.Deakin,Paul Little,Mark Farber,Bruce Greyson, Elinor R.Schoenfeld

    a- Stony Brook Medical Center,State University of New York at Stony Brook,NY,USA
    b-Hammersmith Hospital Imperial College,University of London,UK
    c- Montefiore Medical Center,New York,USA
    d-University Hospital Southampton,Southampton,UK
    e-Royal Bournemouth Hospital,Bournemouth,UK
    f-St Georges Hospital,University of London,UK
    g-Emory University School of Medicine& Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center,Atlanta,USA
    h-Medical University of Vienna,Austria
    i - Northampton General Hospital, Northampton,UK
    j-Lister Hospital, Stevenage,UK
    k- Cedar Sinai,USA
    l-Croydon University Hospital,UK
    m-James Paget Hospital,UK
    n-Ashford & StPeters NHS Trust,UK
    o-Addenbrookes Hospital, University of Cambridge,UK
    p-East Sussex Hospital,East Sussex,UK
    q-Indiana University,Wishard Memorial Hospital, Indianapolis,USA
    r-University of Virginia,Charlottesville,VA,US A

    This studie supports other recent studies that have indicated consciousness may be present despite clinically undetectable consciousness.

    What is your point of view ?

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    From the article:

    I've had patients who could hear us talking while we worked on them and they were unconscious. That's one of the reasons I make a habit of talking to all of my Pts, including the unconscious ones. I haven't known any CA Pts who have said they were aware of what was going on, but it seems plausible that a few may.
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    Thank for your answer. This is awesome

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