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Awareness problems

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    I've had a huge inattention problem ever since I can remember. I get carried away in my thoughts and whatnot very easily and as a result I lose attention of my surroundings; I forget to get off the bus at the right stop, lose credit cards, bus passes and money, forget about tasks I am supposed to be doing, etc.. In elementary school it was terrible; my teachers were exasperated and appointed me to private sessions with a pedagogue (whose consultation hasn't been very fruitful I presume). I try my best to be careful in my every day tasks but those few times I lower the guard I always end up either losing or forgetting something. This is really frustrating because, as I've found out many times, it can be rather costly. What can I do to correct this flaw? Is it possible that I need outside help, or is this simply a matter of adjusting myself?
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    Sounds like ADD. By Golly, you might be the rare person that ACTUALLY has it. Go to a doctor. Not a GP, a psychiatrist. Make sure it's someone who knows what they are doing.
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    My son has ADD with out the hyper-activity. It helped him to keep a notebook, of dates, importaint times, and things to remember to bring. He sort of programed himself to check the book 4 times a day. He also included a check list of things he needed to do to finnish the day. Like what books or papers he needed, plus making sure everything was in its proper place.
    It helped him a great deal. He did try meds for it, but found he would rather not take them.
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    One of my professors always carries around a small little pad thing for notes. I guess you could call it a "note pad". Anyway, he writes down EVERYTHING in it that he needs. Everything that he needs to schedule or do, etc. I doubt he has ADD, but his schedule is so hectic that he NEEDS it.

    So, it sounds like you NEED it, too, like hypatia suggested. Always worth a shot.

    Also, do you do any kinds of sports? Those help with concentration immensely. If I may suggest, you should try something like Judo. It's very safe, but if you don't pay attention, you'll get slammed on the ground. :)
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    Yes, I play sports, soccer and tennis mainly. Maybe I should get myself checked for ADD, though I doubt I have it. My attention level fluctuates vastly, if that's anywhere near worth mentioning. At times I can be pretty sharp and concentrated, but when I'm at the lowest, I'm totally helpless.
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    If you can pay attention when you need to, it's probably not ADD. Though, some of the same tips can still help during the times when you are getting distracted.

    Is there any pattern to when you are more easily distracted? Days when you don't get enough sleep or times of the day when you're feeling tired, for example. It's pretty easy to drift into your own thoughts, or even doze off, and miss bus stops at the end of a long, tiring day. I don't know how to help you tune in on the right time to become alert for your bus stop. But, for other stuff, it helps to have specific places for everything to go...organization is key. If you know that every time you take your wallet out, it goes right back into the same pocket, you won't lose it. Have a pocket in your backpack, or someplace like that, for everything. Always put things in the same place. That way you don't hold it in your hand and set it down next to you and forget it, or misplace it and not notice, because you just quickly check the pocket it's supposed to be in and immediately see it's not there. If you always put things in the same places, it becomes a routine, and then even when you're lost in your thoughts, you follow the same routine out of habit without needing to think about it, and nothing gets lost.
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    Also, what's your sleep and diet like?
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    I do have specific compartments in backpack and coat allocated to different objects. Like I said, I lose things when "I lower the guard". I don't rub onto routines all that much I guess.

    I have a very fragile sleep, but lately I've been sleeping well, I suppose. My diet has changed throughout my lifetime without any effect on my level of alertness, so the answer isn't quite there.
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    I think I have quite a short attenti
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    Okay, but has it ever been good?
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    Yes, I eat all kinds of foods; meat, veggies, fruits and other. Junk food has never been popular in my household.
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