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Ax-Kochen paper

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    Here is the abstract:

    "The Copenhagen Interpretation describes individual systems, using the same Hilbert space formalism as does the statistical ensemble interpretation (SQM). This leads to the well-known paradoxes surrounding the Measurement Problem. We extend this common mathematical structure to encompass certain natural bundles with connections over the Hilbert sphere S. This permits a consistent extension of the statistical interpretation to interacting individual systems, thereby resolving these paradoxes.

    Suppose V is a physical system in interaction with another system W. The state vector of V+W has a set of polar decompositions with a vector q of complex coefficients. These are parameterized by the right toroid T of amplitudes q, and comprise a singular toroidal bundle over S, which comprises the enlarged state space of V+W. We prove that each T has a unique natural convex partition yielding the correct SQM probabilities. In the extended theory V and W synchronously assume pure spectral states according to which member of the partition contains q. The apparent indeterminism of SQM is thus attributable to the effectively random distribution of initial phases. "

    This has a date on the paper of 2008, which is confusing because the submission history does not list a revision after 1999. I see that occasionally, not sure what it signifies exactly.
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    It has to do with how LaTeX and arXiv work. LaTeX prints a date corresponding to the date at which the PDF was produced from the LaTeX source. Thus, the printed date (2008 in this case) corresponds to the date at which PDF was produced from the LaTeX source. The LaTeX source itself may have been submitted to arXiv at a much earlier time.
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