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Axial flux PMG testing

  1. Jun 15, 2012 #1
    Hey everyone.
    I've been working on a axial flux permanent magnet DC generator to use on a 100W wind turbine(small I know), to charge 12v batteries in low wind speed areas. Now that it's complete, I'd like to determine the full power curve at different rpms.
    So far I've been running it on NO LOAD,using a lathe machine as a prime mover. My results from this were the open circuit voltage and the short circuit current at various rpms- up to about 500rpm. i doubt multiplying the two readings will give me a TRUE value of the power I should expect.
    I then tried using a dc bulb as a load, but the only available ones are 9w at 12vdc. If my voltage goes way above 12..it will blow,so that test won't go on for long. No power transducer available either..
    My question is is there any simple experiment I can carry out to determine the power output, and what kind of load should i use?

    some helpful data
    1.4mm wire
    80 turns
    6 coils
    star connection, passed on to two block rectifiers
    Any input would be appreciated.
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