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Axial load bearing capacity of a variable density beam

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    I wish to model cylindrical rod which consists of 3 segments made of a powdered filler material and wrapped in paper. The order of density is as follows - first > third > second, this is achieved by compressing the powdered material to various extents. The length of each segments is also known, the order being second > first > third. If I change the length of a particular segment, without changing the total length or the total mass of the rod, will the axial load bearing capacity change? What parameters should I know if I wish to model it and arrive at a conclusion?
    As in example, if the rod initially had a weight distribution of 17%, 73% and 10% in the respective segments, what will be the change in its axial strength if the distribution changes to some other values?
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    Please see duplicate thread at thread 615035.
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