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Axial Play/End play

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    I was looking for information on axial play on a rotating assembly.More specifically a centrifugal chiller although any information would be good

    I need information on end play, and why it is needed, why this axial force is created,etc.

    Any help or links is appreciated
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    The end play requirements are usually dictated by the bearing configuration you have. The max endplay will be related to the minimum preload that your bearings need to stay "happy." It's tough to give any real general information because every situation is different. You need to examine what you can tolerate for every design. For example, I have different end play requirements when I have a centrifugal compressor design. The endplay has an effect on the tip and cover clearances which need to be kept at certain values.

    If you really need a place to start, take a look at who supplied the bearings in a particular installation and ask them directly about the allowable end play/axial play.
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