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Axial Strain

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    If you had a 2 inch diameter AISI 1020 steel rod that is 10 feet long. Under an applied load, the rod elongates by 0.48 inches.
    A). How would you compute the axial strain in the bar?
    B). How would you compute Poisson's ratio for the material, if the transverse deformation of the rod is 0.0024 inches?
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    bcopher: This is a standard textbook problem. The place to post such questions is the Homeword and Coursework Questions subforum. You are also required to show your own effort if you wish to get help with such questions. We can not provide solutions to textbook problems.

    Please read the posting guidelines again.
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    Please read one's textbook. I would expected strain is defined in terms of the lengths one is given in the problem statement.

    Likewise, Poisson's ratio is defined in one's textbook, and one has sufficient information to determine this quantity.

    Please write the equations for strain and Poisson's ratio, and then try to work out the solutions with the information given.

    BTW, as Gokul indicated, this thread belongs in the Homework forum (Technology, Engineering, . . .)
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