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Axle Loading

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    I have a problem with finding stress on this front axle. The problem gives the angle at which the car is raised (front wheels off the ground) and the speed its going. It states the car comes to an immediate halt, dropping the front end. It asks to find the force the front end will withstand when it hits the ground.

    So far I have used the linear momentum of the masses (point loads along the frame of the car) to create an angular momentum around the rear axle.

    How do I account for gravity? How is angular momentum converted into force? Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks,
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    Gravity and mass give weight. And there is the deceleration of the vehicle to consider in addition to weight.

    Torque is related to moment arm and force, with the force normal (perpendicular) to the moment arm.

    Think also about moment of inertia - and parallel axis theorem.

    Is this homework?
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