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B.A. vs B.S. in math?

  1. Sep 7, 2008 #1
    B.A. vs B.S. in math??

    Hey guys,
    I tried to look around a bit, on the forum and also on the net, but was really not finding the answer I was hoping for. I am planning on attending college next year for engineering, a major that not all schools that I have been looking at have. However, the schools that do not have a specific engineering major, often do have a 3+2 engineering program. This is, if you are not familiar with it, when a student takes 3 years at that particular school to get the basic math/chem/physics courses, along with basic engineering skills. This is then follwed by a 2 year term at another school to specialize in the engineering field that the student chooses. However, since it is a total of 5 years, along with a B.S. in say, for what i want, electrical engineering, i will also receive a B.A. in my choice of physics/math/chemistry. Now, I most likely would go with the math, because I honestly would love to go to school for math, but can't see a real future in that besides teaching. With that being said, is a B.A. in math next to useless? I mean, say a job is looking for someone with a B.S. in math (Like i said, I dont see all that many positions like this, but hypothetically), my B.A. is nothing next to many math majors. So, in the end, would a B.A. in math look good ona resume so that an employer might have the choice between an EE or an EE with extra math? or is the B.A. in math pretty much just compensation for having college for an extra year.

    I hope that isn't too confusing, i just would love some insight on the matter.

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    Re: B.A. vs B.S. in math??

    Without reading any content of your message, just going by the title of the topic, you can be certain that the difference between bachelor of ARTS and bachelor of SCIENCE degrees is mostly or entirely meaningless. What is important is WHAT COURSES you actually enroll in and study. Those are far more important than whether you finally earn the BS or the BA degree. Decide which courses (often electives) to choose based on answering the question: What will I want to be able to do? Come up with very specific answers, not vague ones. The more answers to can find, the better you can choose which courses will help to meet those answers.
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    Re: B.A. vs B.S. in math??

    well, symbol, i think you should not read the content of the message more often. Without reading any of it, you pretty much nailed it to what i wanted haha. Thank you very much symbol.
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