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B.S. Math to M.S. Finance

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    What are the job prospects for the M.S. Finance? Is it a good investment? The only remotely-related course I've taken is intermediate macroeconomic theory. It's not really related at all. Basically, I'm looking at non-technical-to-slightly-more technical graduate programs that might yield a nice return after graduation. I'm a few years outside the undergrad curve, so that monetary concern is probably the most important one right now. No I-banking.

    I've been working in economic development for the past three years. I graduate in May with a B.S. Math and Physics Minor. Economic development requires a lot of networking, salesmanship, and so forth. That's not really what I enjoy. I'm not sure what all finance and its subsets entail. Frankly, I know nothing of finance, but I'm just poking around seeing if anything piques my interest. From my cursory look into the various aspects of finance, corporate valuation, determining how to value companies, assets, and such for the purposes of acquisitions or capital investment/management kind of seems interesting. If I had to guess, I'd say that might be more research-oriented and slightly quantitative in the professional world as opposed to garnering investors and so forth which would require the networking skills.
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    loooooooooooooool yeah dude, a mba in finance is doable with any background, you might want to consider ibanking though, as most mba's are like 50 grand a year . . .
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    I didn't say MBA. I said M.S. From what I've heard about the nature of I-banking, I'm not really interested.
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    http://www.princeton.edu/bcf/graduate/ [Broken] might interest you? The tuition fees, as with most MS programs, are ridiculous though and I don't know whether it will ever be worth anyone's dime.
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    Yeah, you're right. The tuition is far too much for me. According to my university, they have a decent program. It says the total cost is $26K.

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    Figure out whether even that would be worth the investment - i.e, find out who recruits from Bauer, contact alumni, etc - I doubt you're doing this for the fun of it (alone). It would very much suck if after the program, your situation is not very different to the one you're currently in.
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    you should try to line up a job now. like this month. you've already missed most finance recruiting but might still be able to swing something. ask the finance kids at your school for advice
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