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B.S.->Peace Corps->Grad School

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    B.S.-->Peace Corps-->Grad School

    Ok so I am thinking about joining the peace corps right after I graduate with my B.S. in Engineering Physics. I really have been wanting to do this for a long time. After two years in the Peace Corps, I would really like to goto Grad. School for Physics or Math. I really don;t want to goto Grad School right after because I would like to take a break and explore the world a bit and do some humanitarian aid. By the way, applying to grad school, would the peace corps look good on an app? I am not doing it for this reason alone obviously, i am just curious. So what do you think?
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    I think working in the Peace Corps is commendable, and I think it is an invaluable experience. It certainly would look good on a grad school application.
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    I have had the same aspirations
    my only fear is that I will not be ready for grad school after a 2 year break form school, not just in the sense that I won't remember thins, but more that I won't be reay to be back in a school environment
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