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Ba or bsc in physics

  1. Dec 9, 2015 #1

    I will be entering my first year as a Bsc physics student in January. I am wondering if I should switch to a regular BA to avoid a few chemistry courses I will need to take that come along with enrolling in a Bsc degree program. I have no interest in chemistry or anything other than maths/physics/CS at the moment.

    I am not sure if making this switch is a good idea. What will some of the drawbacks be if I graduate with only a BS in physics instead of a Bsc?

    Thank you~
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    Would changing degrees make any difference in the number and content of the physics courses that you actually complete?
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    Which courses are required for the BA? Which courses are required for the BSc?

    Some chemistry knowledge is needed for a good understanding of Physics - not much, but some; and Chemistry and Physics overlap, although have greatly different study goals. Undergraduate Physics degree of any or either kind will require at least one year of "General Chemistry".
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