Baby food has more fat than cheeseburgers

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I love the futile attempt at justification:

The food manufacturers responded by pointing out the study examined the food on a per 100 gram basis. This meant many products, designed to be eaten in small amounts by babies, were high in sugar or fat in percentage terms – but the total product had a relatively modest amount of sugar or fat.

A spokesman for Heinz said: "Our mini cheese biscuits come in a 25g portion size which contains only 1.8g saturated fat per serving, due to the inclusion of cheese in the product.

"It is quite misleading to compare our product with a McDonald's quarter pounder with cheese, which is consumed in a portion size of 194g, containing a total of 13g saturated fat per serving."

Talk of grasping at straws! :rofl:
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How important is it for babies to avoid fats? It seems like babies would have much different nutritional requirements than adults. Since they are growing very rapidly, it seems like they would need lots of energy and fat has the highest energy content of any nutrient. While the article does cite an spokesperson from an advocacy group, I would like to see what a nutritionist says about the fat content of the baby food.

Now, I could be completely wrong above and the baby foods are indeed unhealthy, but I would be wary of judging the nutritional value of baby food using the standards we normally use for our food without more information.
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That's actually a bloody good point you're making...

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