Baby it's cold outside

  1. Evo

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    Anyone not getting snow?

    My forecast for tomorrow aka "Evo Alert"
    And I am supposed to see the doctor tomorrow and I still haven't replaced my donut tire from when I got that flat, and the stupid car is only a few inches off the ground.

    Turbo has been hit pretty bad, Even Kurdt in England is getting 5 inches of snow today.

    My aunt and uncle own a large strawberry farm and citrus orchards near Tampa, FL and stand to lose the entire crop due to the hard long freeze.

    How's your weather?
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  3. lisab

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    Western Washington state weather is well within the normal range...drizzly rain, in the 40s. Gray, gray, gray sky.

    I actually like it :biggrin:.
  4. My mother was in the hospital last week. She wants to live independently in her own house, but that is increasingly difficult for her to do. While she was laid up, I rounded up some of her grandchildren and we rearranged the furniture in her house so that she no longer needs to climb stairs. This involved putting some things from downstairs into the basement to make room for things from upstairs to come down. When we were done, one of the kids turned off the lights in the basement, except it wasn't the lights, it was the furnace. When I brought her home Sunday night, it was frigid, and being in the house just cut down on the wind-chill factor. We didn't get any snow, just bitter cold.
  5. Math Is Hard

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    I'm not even going to tell you about the weather here.
  6. Evo

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    Come visit me MIH! The weather will be lovely.
  7. Math Is Hard

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    I will bring you some sunshine. :cool:
  8. Evo

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    Bring heat.
  9. In central Illinois (America), highs maybe in the high teens (+ or- 5 degrees F) for about the last week and lows at night basically zero (+ or - five degrees F)---same forecast for the next week.

    ---with only one frozen pipe (on an exterior wall) so far

    even the new dog, now house broken, is setting new time records for getting her jobs done when outside to get back inside

    -now is the time for a good woman friend with a nice warm way of thinking
  10. mgb_phys

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    Can I recommend you host the winter olympics?
    This time last year we had been under 1m of snow for a month.
    This year warm, sunny and snow free.
  11. And my poor wife is stuck "working" in Hawaii. Life's tough all around.
  12. S_Happens

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    We're not getting snow in Houston... yet. Right now it's in the mid 40s. There's a chance of sleet/snow later this week and friday it's going to be close to freezing all day (very strange for Houston).

    We'll see how my ski trip to Colorado later this month turns out :bugeye:
  13. on these coldest days ---usually a high pressure dome---there are no clouds or few--PERFECT for rooftop solar panels----

    --thats another desire for the new year---SOLAR PANELS ON EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THE ROOF
  14. Borek

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    A little bit of snow lying on the ground (say 5 inches) and few degrees below our zero, closer to your zero during the night. No wind, so it is quite bearable.
  15. well, this is the first snow in my area all winter basically. It had snowed on Christmas Eve but that was all melted by Christmas morning. Right now it's been snowing quite steady since yesterday morning but it seems only to have accumulated around 6cm.
    I remember as a child we would always have a white Christmas and although it wasn't as much as most of the areas surrounding us we still got quite a bit. (Mississauga is weird, I think it gets the least amount of snow in all of Southern Ontario) I hope sometime soon we start getting heavy snowfalls :smile: I like it when it snows.
  16. Jonathan Scott

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    Here in central southern England (near Southampton), we've got snow tonight, but so far here it's melting immediately here as we are a whisker above freezing. Only a few miles to the east (towards Portsmouth), traffic is now at a standstill because of heavy snow, and there's a "severe weather warning" for most of the area around here warning of a foot of snow overnight, which would be the most in this area since about 1963. However, Southampton and its immediate vicinity are now excluded from this warning, much the annoyance of my kids, who were hoping to be off school and playing in the snow tomorrow.

    Our infrastructure here down in the south can't handle snow, as it's not considered a worth-while investment to cope with once-in-a-decade weather conditions. Major routes will be salted and gritted, but we don't have snow ploughs or similar in this area and smaller roads will be very difficult, especially where there is any slope. If there is snow, most schools in the area will close. However, I work from home, so I'd still be working as normal.
  17. Temperatures holding steady 20 F/ -7 C for entire week with an inch blanket of snow.

    I'd like to do some outdoor activities but it's too cold. Can't wait until it warms up.
  18. Borek

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    -7 deg C and it is TOO COLD? Where do you live, Bora-Bora?
  19. I would rather be there.

    Evo, MIH and I will send you some sunshine care packages.
  20. Borek-Borek, I should have been more clear. For the outdoor activity I had in mind was running a couple miles on the trail, but inhaling too much chilled air from a vigorous exercise can have some unforeseen health effects on the immune system. Other than that the temperature is not that bothersome.
  21. 7 inches (ish) in Manchester and it's only just stopped snowing, and to boot they ran out of grit. Good times.
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