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Baby Mammoth Discovered

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    Since previous articles on Mammoths were posted here due to the DNA/cloning issue I thought I'd put it here (see even mentors aren't always sure where to put things).

    I thought this was very cool. This might give us a good DNA sample.

    Baby mammoth discovery unveiled

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    if someone can answer this please do,
    How on earth do scientists get DNA from the frozen carcass, wouldnt all the cells in the body have died by now?
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    A cell doesn't need to be alive to extract DNA. The DNA just needs to be intact and decently preserved. Even if it was partially degraded, I would assume you could still do a shotgun assembly to rebuild and retrieve the original sequence.
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    This was quite the discovery!

    It fits with the Biology forum but it will also have implications (according to the article) to do with the climate of that period. Really quite the "perfect specimen". Poor little mammoth. Don't they need a consent form signed by the baby or the mother to collect DNA? This may infer the wrath of the Ghost Mammoths. They never forget.:eek:
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    Thats is really something special. Even at 100,000 yrs old, its still cute too!
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