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Baby towers and other landmarks

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    It may be known that we are having an interesting game https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=270543 [Broken], trying to find interesting, funny, impressive, incredible, twisted and misleading landmarks to guess it's location and name, by using the tools on internet like image google and google-earth

    Many of the most interesting, funny, impressive, incredible are hardly useable because they are too famous or far too easy to identify. So how do you select such a landmark? For instance by typing in random search terms and see what emerges. Sometimes the result is too literal though, and therefore unusuable. For instance, this is what you find if you search for baby and tower:


    So how many seconds would it take to think of search words to find this landmark back?

    Post here your interesting, funny, impressive, incredible landmarks that are too obvious for the game.
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