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Baby Universes in labs

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    They say it would take 10 trillion trillion degrees and probably tons of pressure. Maybe more then the center of a red giant. Maybe more then a neutron star. Well if this is the way our universe began, were did the temperature and pressure come from.
    Im reading different stuff on how the big bang or the beginning of the universe was and i can't piece it together....one reading says that all the dimensions where interconnected and one big universe tell it broke into two pieces..a 4 dimensional universe and a 6 dimensional universe, and that the 6 dimensional universe shrunk done to the planck length (Hyperspace by Michio Kaku).
    Another reading says that it had somthing to do with gravitation and vacuums and everything being compressed to the size at whitch a proton look gigantic (The History of Everything by Bill Bryson).

    And the top paragraph was a thought of mine...Can someone help me piece this together? Is it all connected or different theorys?
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    I think the 10 dimensional universe theory (4 macroscopic dimensions, and 6 microscopic dimensions) has to do with string theory, which has not yet been proven experimentally (Which would be rather difficult).

    I suppose the latter explanation is how general relativity would explain it. I think both theories would work in combination together, its just that general relativity and other laws describing macroscopic bodies have been proven experimentally, while the string theory (along with the idea that there are 10 dimensions) has not.

    Somebody please correct me if i'm wrong.
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