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Medical Baby who is inside a womb can't smell anything

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    A baby who is inside a womb can't smell anything outside of the womb right?

    But they can hear outside of the womb?

    Or can they smell things (From outside of the womb) inside the womb?

    Um, would it be possible to stimulate babies inside the womb with visual stimuli and other types of stimuli? (With future technology)
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    A zygote or fetus is inside the uterus (depending on developmental stage), a baby is already born.

    Assuming you're talking about late enough term that the fetus has developed sensory organs, some sounds would be transmitted to the fetus, though they wouldn't sound the same as they do in air since they would be muffled by the woman's body and the fluid the fetus is surrounded by (think of what you hear when underwater; it's quite different from what you hear when not underwater).

    Now, really stop and think about the next parts of your question. How could smells possibly be transferred from the air to a fetus? Of course they're not smelling things from the outside air while inside the uterus because there's no way for those odor-producing molecules to get in.
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