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Bach lovers - rejoice

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    And you can listen live - streaming audio! Thanks for the heads-up.
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    That is amazing - Thanks for letting us know!
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    luck would have it that I get my new sound card on christmas :(
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    they're playing at least 2 different recordings of the d minor partita for violin, i thought they would play everything only once. i also noticed that they're playing reinhard goebel & his musica antiqua koln's recording fo brandenburg concerto #6; they should get as much air time as possible. that's one of my favourite groups. they aren't playing any recordings by paul mccreesh & the gabrieli consort & players though. :frown:
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    Marvellous. They did the same with Beethoven's symphonies and that was a hughe success. An analogue initiative is taken here in Belgium, where the entire Mozart repertoire will be played on national radio because of the upcoming Mozart-year 2006.

    Great link, thanks

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