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Bachelors level Jobs in biology

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    A friend of mine is a new graduate with a bachelor's in biology. His ideal job is in evolutionary cell biology but he can really do any kind of biology. He's searched exhaustively for jobs with no luck. Anyone have any tips on places to look for bachelors level jobs in biology? He's willing to relocate.
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    I'm not sure what he has been doing to search for a job, but a lab technician position is not something that is usually advertised in the local paper or anything.

    Often if you hit the lab area of your local university, there may be someplace where they post open positions (ours did so in the elevators). However, generally, universities don't pay as well as private industry, so he might want to check out local companies first ...although they likely wouldn't be doing evolutionary cell biology research.
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    Uh, try www.usajobs.com, the Federal Government jobs site (assuming he's in the US).

    When I was just a physics bachelors, I envied the biologists--since for every one physics job I could find that the bachelor's even began to qualify me for, I could find at least 100 biology jobs.
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