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Back and forth time machine

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    Ok so i am aware that if someone manages to travel faster than light, they are technically "travelling through time" but i was wondering if there was a way to travel backwards in time, i tried searching the web but havent found anything so i was wondering if someone could explain it to me, also is a wormhole possibly useful for travelling back in time because a wormhole actually doesnt seem that hard to create.
    Also, can our body even stand travelling through time? i ask this because of g-force and all that stuff.
    If we cant is there a way to create something that "stops" g-force
    im sorry i sound like a retard but im quite new to physics (im 12 jesus) and am intrested in this kinda stuff :P
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    Please note that this forum is meant to help authors with science fiction scenarios. You questions appear to be on physics and not related to any science fiction writing. Such questions must be posted in the main physics forum.

    Please note that we have a strict rule against highly speculative discussion, per the PF Rules that you had agreed to. Please reread those rules to familiarize yourself with the nature of the discussion that are allowed here.

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