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Back Date in Windows

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    I have a software which demo licence expires on 15,FEB,2003.
    If you back date windows, it can know it and can not run.
    I believe there must be a file somewhere that stores the date history of my OS.
    So, how can I find this file and erase its data ?
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    I'm sorry, but even of it was possible legallly we can't tell you. We don't want microsoft or whoever taking legal action of PF, do we? Discuss it elsewhere please....
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    that trick worked years ago, but not anymore. I'm not really sure what mechanisms are behind it, and like FZ said, discussion of that nature is not a good thing to have in a public forum.

    Really though, computer software is sometimes reasonably priced. You should probably look into purchasing the full version. It usually includes more features then a demo version.
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