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Back end defect- coring

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    I'm learning about the phenomenon of coring (back end defect) during the process of aluminium extrusion. I try to find a solution to this problem.
    Is there anyone who know how can I prevent or even reduce this problem from the extrusion process
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    Do you mean a some sort of a limit forming problem ?
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    Coring (or coning or piping) is usually a front end problem in the extrusion of round barstock from round billets, and it is usually a problem with softer metals. I am somewhat familiar with this problem because it resulted in some defective barstock which led to product failures in the field.

    The problems arises because there is a huge gradient in the hydrostatic and shear stresses at the front face of billet that is extruded through a die, and perhaps increases as the billet diameter increases in comparison to the die hole diameter. Perhaps a similar problem exists at the back end.

    Also die lubrication might be an issue.

    Adding a disk of softer material (Al) between the billet and mandrel might help.

    But then one needs to cut off the Al portion at the back end.
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