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Back from the West

  1. Jun 26, 2005 #1
    I finally got back home from the southwest, where I have been for the past month or so. Went to the usual tourist traps (Grand Canyon [north and south rim], Sedona, etc), along with some out-of-the-way places like El Sanctuario de Chimayo, and of course the Mecca for all scientists across America: Los Alamos National Laboratories. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go inside the labs, but the local Bradbury Science Museum was very informative and was practically like being in the lab itself. At the very least, I know that I can apply to intern at Los Alamos in the future :tongue2:.

    The worst part about the trip IMO was the Las Vegas area. Being a 17 year old doesn't present much opportunities to do anything there, and the weather was miserable for the most part. While I was there though I made an allusion to the slot machines as being equivalent to broken vending machines, putting dollars in and not getting anything out (and having people drawn from all over the world to use these broken vending machines !!!).

    Hmm.. I guess I could go into more detail, but then I would be describing rocks (which was the most prominent feature considering I come from a flat state).

    I think I like the wet heat rather than the dry heat, but that is just my opinion. The sun seems less intense.

    At least I'm back home :smile:.
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    MOTAI!!!!!!!!!!! HEY!!! you're back!! glad to hear the trip went well. i travelled out there a few years ago, and i thought the same thing about the dry heat... but whenever we get a hot humid day like today, i sort of change my mind..

    anyways, good to see you around again! i missed you!!
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    Welcome back Motai. Since just saying this would feel like a 'standard' 'welcome back' repsonse to everyone, let me just remind you of what i know of you..

    You play the B-flat clarinet, love talking Musical physics to mates in your class (i.e. boring them out as you claim), and you currently have no decent teachers in physics to teach you in science and physics, but are trying to learn as hard on your own on general advanced concepts. (this is a good thing by the way, not a bad thing).

    Hope thats enough for you. Let us appreciate more of your holiday (i.e. discussing, arguing, and eventually mod-locking) by asking you (of course, its your choice) to post any good pictures from your holiday, if you have any.

    Again, welcome back. Lets hope that Homer simpson can be made happy here now even when reality doesn't seem to.

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    Thanks Bladibla, though I was only gone for a month (I know others here go vacant for much longer).

    Holiday? :confused: I wasn't aware of any holidays, but I guess pictures of me out west are pending as soon as I can get a hold of them.

    Right now I'm trying to balance my natural need for sleep from the jet lag and online time which I have so sorely missed, I'll probably end up doing both and fall asleep at the computer. :biggrin:
  6. Jun 27, 2005 #5
    Sounds like you have a fun trip. 1 month is a good time frame, and even at my age, I would agree Las Vagas sucks.
  7. Jun 27, 2005 #6
    Ack, forgive me. Maybe it wasn't a holiday for you as i have foolishly assumed.

    Maybe looking back a few pages here on GD will help you keep 'up' with what has happened.

    Either ways, i hope you recover soon from your jetlag and be up for great discussions here at PF. :zzz:
  8. Jun 27, 2005 #7
    Pages?! Eeeyak! The GD forum spans back pages until eternity! It will take forever to catch up on all the material. Even reading the super-long threads such as Ask a Stupid Quetion from page 1 will take a long time... :cry:
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    110 degrees is not that bad. we put up with it every day!

    anyway, motai, whoever you are, welcome back!
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    that thread's been overtaken by thread killer champions. :surprised which would be longer if evo hadn't closed it :mad:
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