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Back Pressure in a pipe

  1. Feb 18, 2013 #1
    Hello All,

    Problem Statement :
    • This is for design of a 24" sparge pipe for transporting hot water (85 deg C) for over 60 ft.
    • Asked to calculate the Back pressure

    Data :
    • Liquid in the pipe: water
    • Flow rate : 3010 m^3/hr = 0.83611 m^3/sec
    • Pipe Dia : 24" = 2.032 mts
    • No elbows throughout 60 ft length

    How do I go about this calculation ?
    1. Do I first find out if its laminar flow or turbulent flow
    2. How to arrive at back pressure equations ?
    3. Found a link "www.harcomanufacturing.com/docs/Backpressure%20CalculatorP.xls" [Broken] : that gives an equation which I have never come across in any internet searches before. Is that how Back pressure is calculated

    Background of the problem:
    This is for a Rotary Breaker project where we have a 24" Sparge Pipe that is sprays hot water onto the huge chunks of solids being processed inside a rotary breaker. Rotary breakers belong the screening family ; where the machine breaks the solids inside a giant cylindrical section (this project ; 16ft Dia) and keep screening the materials as the go forwards in length. Water is used to form a semi slurry state to help fascilitate the breaking
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