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Back to school chicken, get yours now!

  1. Sep 11, 2005 #1
    The back to school sales are on! My grocery store must of printed a few too many signs for there little pencel area. I saw back to school chicken, canned peas and noodles!
    Its been over 5 years sense I've paid for anyones back to school supplies. With books and misc. it cost me well over 500 dollars. It made me wonder, how much did you pay to go "back to school" this year?
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    about $100.
    some of the crap they have at those sales are unnecesary for schools.

    I used to go to a very good school, in Phoenix. It's a very small school, but everyone wants in. Some good writers have come out of that school. We never had to shop for school supplies, everything was ready for the students.

    The school I go to now was where steven speilberg went.
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    Does that include new school clothes as well?
  5. Sep 12, 2005 #4
    5 dollars for 40 notebooks and 20 packs of paper. I also bought some pencils and pens for 20 dollars total. If you count my new calculator.....then that is a totally different story.
  6. Sep 12, 2005 #5
    i spend about 30 to 40 dollars usually, but i too had to buy a new calc. this year.. flippin' 150 dollars!
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    Nope, books, calc, student planner, pens/pencels, binders..ohhhh and the parking pass rip off thingie{45$}
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    I'm lucky I got a nev calc for Christmas soo I just had to buj a few new pens. We don't have uniforms andall the books fare awilabel for free from the collage liberary.
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    I bought some new pencils, so like $3.

    Last year was probably like $40 because I got new pencils and a new bag.
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