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Back to school

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    It's funny, I just got back from my summer and Yosemite, a land before computers. It is hard to even log on to keep up a couple of my e-mail addresses. At least for most people anyway, some of the people that spend their whole life there have them.
    But I come back to school and find that almost everything is the same as when I left. I see my friends, and then I log onto the forum, last time I logged on was May 18, and I see the thread killer thread still going on and on. And in Yosemite I don't remember even thinking of PF. Now once again I'm wasting my time before Calc.
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    Now it seems perfectly normal not to think of PF while at Yosemite. Its nice that you had a break, befor settleing back into the same old, same old...stuff.
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