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Back to the grindstone

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    Hey everyone, thought I'd pop in and say hello, preparing to go back to school tomorrow, on my birthday even. I've missed some of you guys and our conversations, tried to make chat a few times this summer but to no avail, has the day changed? Hope all is well. -Binz
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    binzing! Great to see you, hope everything is going well!

    Happy Birthday :smile!!
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    Happy Birthday bin.

    And no, chat is still on Sundays. In Summer it was quite quiet, but usually on Sundays (my) evening core team was present :wink:
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    Thanks, and awesome, hopefully I'll get back into the schedule of it all.
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    Happy Birthday binzing!!! We've missed seeing you in chat, please do stop by when you can.
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    Thanks Evo, I've missed you guys too!
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