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Back-Up DVD's

  1. May 3, 2005 #1
    I want to back up DVD's to my computer.

    Is there a good all-in-one program that I can rip the dvd from the disc and store it on my hard drive?

    I know about DVD Decrypter and AutoGK, but I can't download those for some reason.

    I am willing to pay for a program too.

    And rest assured, I am only backing the discs up so I can take them on the plane with me.

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    I assume that you are trying to back up DVD's with audio and video on it right?
    I have used Gordian Knot for backing up DVD`s before and always found it pretty good.

    Usually the best way to do this is to convert it to AVI (using the DIVX encoder or something similar), as this considerably reduces the size of the video file. A dvd you buy in the shops can be over 8GB so you wouldn`t be able to store too many of them on your computer. But you can encode a 2 hour film to decent quality for less than 1GB. There are a number of good walkthroughs available around the net to show you how to do this (here http://www.rita.lt/guides/GKnot_DVDtoAVI.htm [Broken] is one I used). This process is pretty time consuming though (about 2xRealtime for my computer).

    You can just rip the VOB`s off the dvd directly on to your computer. But, as I said this will make them pretty big, and I`m not sure if there`s a decent player for this. You could use smartripper for this (This is included in the Gordian Knot package)

    Incidently, if you want to watch them on the plane, I think most airlines allow you to play cd's and dvd's on them, as long as it's not during takeoff/landing.

    hope this helps,

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