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I Background gamma radiation

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    I'm trying to find out how much gamma-radiation the average human is exposed too from background radiation. But all I can find are numbers describing the total background radiation, not just the gamma radiation alone. Does anyone know where I can find this information?
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    World nuclear association published that early exposure background gamma radiation is averaged at 600 μSv, with a range of 100-1000 μSv per person. See the chart in this link.
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    Thank you!
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    Forget that study.
    In other words, zero is still possible. Given the large number of possible cancer types, possible population groups, and types of radiation you can study (and they did look at other cancer types and other types of radiation), it would be surprising if you cannot find any "significant" effect by chance. And even if it would be highly significant (it is not), it still doesn't allow separating the effect of gamma radiation and other possible causes of cancer.
    They don't link to a scientific paper, but simply based on the article, the study does not demonstrate a reliable link between anything.
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