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Background radiation on Earth quantified?

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    Hello all, a new user here. I am in need of some very basic information that seems to be impossible to find. I need to know the typical background radiation on the earth's surface (cosmic, solar, natural, manmade), particularly flux rates and energy. The closest I have come is a flux rate for neutrons with no energy information given, and also dose rates which I do not need.

    If anyone can provide a link or point me to a text with this information, that would be great!! :biggrin:
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    How about:




    The Health Physics Society may help get you started.

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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    Thank you for the links Dr. Greenman, they do give a very good breakdown of natural sources. However they only provide doses, whereas I am looking for actual flux rates (#particles s^-1 cm^-2) and energies. They do look like a good contact though and I will see if they can help me out!
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    How about from the Pierre Auger Observatory:


    or courtesy of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center:



    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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