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Backround light

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    I have an LCD monitor for my computer and It seems to me that when up late a night and only having my monitor on no other lights it strains my eyes more. If I turn on a backround light would that help things, It seems to be less strain but im not sure.
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    Well if during the day there is no problem with your eyes, and you have light coming through the windows or from somewhere, then naturally a light should help, but not direct.

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    I think someone else here brought up that topic of background lighting (along with refresh rate) for viewing computer monitors without eyestrain. Apparently it does cause more eyestrain to view your computer in an otherwise dark room, so turn on a lamp rather than sit in the dark. It seems to make sense that if the room is dark, and you're staring at a bright monitor, your eyes don't know exactly which to adjust to.
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