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Bacterial Conjugation: F+ / F+ crosses

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    Hi everybody,

    I've been reading up on conjugation and came across the concept of surface exclusion, i.e. two specific proteins on the surface of F+ cells preventing another F+ cell's pili from attaching. These to proteins are coded for by the traS and traT genes, both presumably connected to the pilus / plasma bridge / transport mechanism in one way or another.

    Now my question is, what exactly do these proteins do? What's theri function, and where exactly are they? Anyone have a URL to a good sketch or other picture of the thing?

    Also, are there documented cases of F+ / F+ conjugation occuring nonetheless (albeit with a very low frequency)?

    Thanks guys,
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    Wow, thanks for the quick and helpful reply; im starting to like this board

    The abstracts look just like what I've been looking for, I'll go and try to get the papers at the library.
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