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Bacterial metabolism, Questions ?

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    Please help, I have some problems with understanding bacterial metabolism. If we have bacteria who for example gets energy by oxidizing H2S to S, and than we have one that gets it’s energy by reducing S to H2S, doesn’t that seems like perpetuum mobile. I’m probably missing something here, but I cant see it (light or something?).

    Then, some photosynthetic bacteria, use oxidation of inorganic substrate for energy, although they can photosynthesize (using that same substrate H2S), why?

    Generally, am looking for some good online reference for general (non aerobe, non glicolitic) all bacterial metabolisms (not so much in chemical but in logic/physics way), because currently I’m lost in see of different types of energy yielding, and I need answers really fast.


    p.s. it would be great if someone care to explain Helmstetter - Cummings technique of achieving synchronized growth
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    I got a new one :), what about ED "entner - doudoroff" pathway, what's it's point ? So much trouble just over one ATP/glucose.
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