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BAD astronomy

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    www.badastronomy.com is the best site for anyone who cares to find the astronomy related errors in movies, news, and other misconceptions.

    The site goes over the astronomical discrepencies in Star Wars, Men In Black 1 and 2, The Mummy Returns etc.

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    This excerpt is from badastronomy.com concerning the beginning of Men In Black 2. My question is, do the calculations depend on the planet's size?

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    Yes, if by 'size' you mean mass. There's also a 'radius' dependency.
    Did you find?
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    the calculations? my computer wouldn't load to the site for some reason. thanks though.
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    The Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait, is a definite favorite among astronomy forums. He also publishes many articles, a book, and is invited to many radio interviews. Always good fun. If he's not being mentioned here in the PF A&C forum, then he's mentioned in the PF debunking forum. You'll find me & some other PF members in his discussion forums too.
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