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Medical Bad dentist or bad patient?

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    I went in for a cleaning a couple of weeks ago and had to get 2 fillings :( SADFACE! Then.... the worst of the worst of the worstness happened! I started feeling a lot of pain when I'd drink cold liquids where one of the fillings was put in. The last time this happened was about 3 years ago and I ended up having to get a root canal. SO, I went in today and the dentist said that if the pain doesn't go away in a couple of weeks, I'll need to get another root canal :( :( :( :(

    MEGASADFACE. I know, right?

    The thing I'm starting to wonder is if this is my bad hygiene (I brush daily but could do much better) or is this a bad dentist at work? If so, I want to look for a new dentist. He mentioned that he had to drill pretty deep for the filling when he actually put it in, but since he's the only dentist I've ever had, I've never known if he's a good dentist or bad dentist.

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    Ouch. I've done battle with a cold-sensitive tooth before. It got so bad I would wince if I had to breath through my mouth.

    My dentist said the only thing he could do was a root canal. But his advice was to just wait it out, if I could stand it. He said it takes a *long* time for a nerve to settle down sometimes.

    He was right! It took nearly 2 years, for crying out loud! But it did eventually calm down, and I'm glad I was patient. I was always afraid it was going to get suddenly critical at an inconvenient time, like while on a backpacking trip. I was lucky it didn't.

    Oh and when you go and get your teeth cleaned, be sure to mention it to the hygienist. They can warm up the rinse water for you.
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    It really seems to me that he isn't taking his job seriously. My dentist would stop at nothing to determine the cause of the pain and offer a choice of solutions (if more than one is available). I recommend that you get a second opinion.

    edit: Sorry, Lisa; I was composing when you posted.
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    I have one root canal with crown lengthening done and the tooth next to it is quite sensitive to hot and cold.
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    2 years?! Eff that, root canal please.

    I might get a second opinion. He seems to be sure that the filling or whatever hit the nerve, though.
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    I've had a filling that according to the dentist was super close to needing a root canal and that tooth was sensitive for a few months afterwards.
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    I had that happen to me once Peng. Turned out the dentist had put the filling to where it was in contact with the nerve. He apologized profusely and admitted it was his fault.

    Get it checked.
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