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Bad Dream

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    Last night I had a bad dream :frown: In the dream I was sitting there with some of you fine people (I only remember Evo specifically) and we were all mourning the close-down of PF! Greg decided to change his career choice. It was a bad dream! :frown: :frown: !! It happened so fast too! We only had one day's notice.
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    Giving it a second thought, the scenario of your dream really is bad. I'd definitely miss this place.

    Btw, was I there? :tongue2:
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    That is a really bad dream. :frown:
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    That was no bad dream; it was a full-blown friggin' nightmare. :surprised
    Please don't post such disturbing concepts in future. :grumpy:
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    Think of all the work we'd actually get done if PF shut down....yikes.
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    So I've been writing a customer an email for about two hours now all because of this place.
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    Cheer up! Today's http://xkcd.com/" [Broken] addresses a similar scenario

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