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Bad grades on old, old classes

  1. Feb 16, 2012 #1
    Alright, so a few years back I was one of those "Am I too old...?" people. Well, I've stuck with school part-time at the local CC and this upcoming fall I will finally be in a position where I can attend school full-time, so I am in the process of sending out applications to some 4-year universities.
    I've managed all A's after almost 50 credit hours (the only B's I've gotten have been in an 8-week summer course in Differential Equations and another B in Calc 3). Problem is, when I went to send in my transcripts I realized I have 3 old classes on my transcripts from way back when I did an electrician apprenticeship. I got B's and C's in these classes and they really drag my GPA down.
    These were vocational classes, taken 13 years ago, and have nothing to do with the degree I'm aiming for at all. These classes weren't even administered by professors, they were taught by electricians and I never even considered them real college classes so I had mostly forgotten about them and had not expected them on my transcripts. They were "Conduit Bending" and classes like this. I'm not trying to buck responsibility, I didn't deserve A's in these classes as I put in a half-arsed effort in them, but I just don't feel they are relevant to my current situtation. When I approached the school about this, they pretty much said I was S.O.L.
    A few questions:

    Do you think I have a valid argument that these should not be figured into my GPA?
    Will most universities overlook these classes and realize they are not reflective of my future academic success?
    Will this also haunt me when I apply for Grad schools as these schools may just be interested in my GPA from past schools, where I'll be competing against other students with near-flawless applications?

    I guess I'm just looking for re-assurance as I'll be sending out these applications anyways, but this has got me a bit bummed out. My past always wants to rear it's ugly head... :)
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  3. Feb 16, 2012 #2
    Since they were vocational classes, they probably won't transfer to the University anyways, so having them on your transcript really doesn't mean anything. I think also depending on the university, you're transferred grades don't come with you from community college...so if you took a 4 credit calc 3 course that you got a B in, it will show up on your university transcript as a 4 credit calc 3 course transfer equivalent or something like that.

    If you do good in your 4 year program, I highly doubt those classes will have an effect on your graduate school application.

    Also as a general thought, you might not want to hide your past but embrace it as something that has taken place and can never change. Should you really feel it's so bad, you can always show/tell/point to your current achievements and say 'look how much I've turned my life around...I used to get C's and now I get A's.'
  4. Feb 16, 2012 #3
    I just hate that these classes drag down my GPA. I know that my GPA at my next school will be unaffected, but when I apply to grad school I'm pretty sure they will want transcripts from ALL of my old schools, so they will see these classes and the grades I received.
    Your last point is right, though, and I'm sure I'm just over-reacting because I just found this out recently. Thanks.
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