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Bad parenting effects

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    I've been pretty much subject to a wide range of miseduction and bad parenting...variant degrees of Physical violence since the age of two or so(pretty common since I live in a third world country)...subject to indoctrination and misinformation(concerning evolution or history for exemple which is also common in this country) ,discouragement to question anything or anyone,communication in the family runs by violence and shouting...encouragement of discrimination against other cultures or communities...been subject to my father's second hand smoking although I suffer from allergic and pulmonary diseases..etc..basically I've been raised only by Television and the internet, How do you think this could impact my psychology and my future and the future of my offspring?
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    How old are you at the moment?

    I'm not a psychologist but obviously having a violent father could impact anyone's psychology , but it doesn't mean that you're screwed.I guess the answer to all of your question is unfortunately:"It depends".Not everybody reacts the same way to a similar problem.
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    Hello theoisto,
    Most people are quite resilient against adversity so you might do quite well, and presently you do seem to understand that it is not against you but just the way it is, although that is not always a consolation at times of difficulty. For future, you may begin to question the unfairnes when you reach somewhere around middle age, but an trained individual would be quite more apt to explain how that will play out as you grow older. I just felt I should to reply to say hello and acknowlegde your situation.
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    17 years old ...and again my sitiuation is like universal in my country.
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    Mmmm...17 year old...a year younger than me...Why in the name of good heavens are you thinking about having children now?
    You should be enjoying your life now! Do some physics! No good ever came of brooding over past wounds. Your profile says you like manga...ever seen Naruto, Ichigo, or Natsu brooding over the past? [Okay, Naruto sometimes but rarely] Go on enjoy your life; be nice to children in the park; read some manga; do some physics!!! Or otherwise


    Its puzzling to see a descendant of samurais and ninjas so morbid.

    P.S. This is gonna sound like preaching to the pope but I am gonna recommend Detective [Meientai] Conan, QED and a lot of One Piece. Stay away from Monster though.
    In anime Yakitate Japan is great
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    I'm totally enjoying it(life),although I don't read manga much anymore because I'm focused on math now,and I pretty read all type of manga,since I was 10 or so...For new promising manga (seinen)I recommend you read Koe no Katachi and Again and Historie use this site as reference for the updates http://www.mangaupdates.com/, ..http://www.batoto.net/

    enjoy it for me because I'm not gonna read them for a while.
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    I'm off manga as well:(
    Someone told me trying to understand relativity and quantum mechanics is not a good idea....so I obviously jumped right on it. :D
    Last manga I read was two months ago [QED]. These days I'm pretty much high on sugar and coffee all the time-to accommodate equal time for my course work and extra studies-to do any manga reading.
    Though I will probably take sometime to check out your recommendations. Thanks!

    P.S. I was reading Monster before this--it was morbid; really scary--I haven't finished it yet; last ten chapters, I think.
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    What level of physics are you on?(I've watched Monster as an anime,it was morbid)
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    Just the raw basics of Q. Mech and a bit of applied SR.
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