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Bad people

  1. Nov 19, 2006 #1
    Browsing the net I heard about the bodyguards of the lady;
    I understand their mindsets are not very healthy.
    I used to dream about going for jobs outside my country ;
    Now I understand how great is my superpowerful country.
    I suppose their attitude will change the mindsets of many;
    Leaving my country is not tasty like honey.
    "bloody INDIANS"-:surprised is this what those men think about us?
    "We are software geniuses" is our dreamlike computer bus.
    I am planning to study in Christ college-work like David Blaine o:)
    Furthur my knowledge about computers with all my pain
    Crack all the porn featured on the web like a devil of mind blowers
    I couldn't read even two pages about her life history:rofl:
    How wierd is she,how wild is she.
    I cannot control my temptation to distinguish her from Sania Mirza
    She is #@^*&0.00% and sania is pizza
    Sania runs after petrol-a scientific substance
    While she runs after the @#@#natural substance
    I used to be a rapper :tongue2:
    realizing now that i was:zzz:
    Now I am:bugeye:
    We are hurt badly in our heart:cry:

    good people from around the world send replies in earthnot2006@yahoo.com
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    I particularly liked it when you rhymed "country" with, urm, "country".
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    here i can only post a smile post so here it go
  5. Nov 20, 2006 #4
    sirs,when physics forum was not opening yesterday i thought it had blocked me.I felt depressed thinking I was isolated from the high profile community.I was emotionally overwhelmed rather than with logical reasoning.I promise to think broader.
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    Sorry, this does not meet criterai for a thread.
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