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Bad study habits?

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    I really wanted to create a topic about this regarding the act i am horrible when it comes to deadlines, it always seems to be delayed when i simply don't feel like it, the question is...does anybody know a way to stop procrastination (laziness) ?

    Now granted i did discover some neat things while i was doodling in front of my computer screen, i inadvertently proved the vertical angle theorem and discovered the 90-60-30 triangle, but it seems like i have no motivation for anything (well that and failing some math questions because i don't have the necessary basic knowledge to undertake them).

    I ask this here because we all have been there at some point, some more than others, and you guys probably know someway to stop being lazy (being the glorious physicists and mathematicians you are :tongue:), be it setting standards for yourself, schedules, or what have you.

    All help is welcome :biggrin:
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    Yeah same! I didnt study at all in High School.
    Turned out bad for me!
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    I always thought "hey, there's plenty of time, the deadline's like *enter number or weeks here* away!" So everything mounted and mounted and I can't even believe myself for thinking after a whole day of studying "f*** school, why is this so unfair, so much to study!!!"

    What I did, though, was studying in loud music, the wrong kind of music (psychedelic music, heavy metal and such). In my computer, with a handful of distractions like stupid/retarded internet humour sites such as 9gag or browsing videos on youtube or posting something in a forum thinking about one million different things, Everything BUT the subject I needed to study for.

    How to stop? Well, this is going to be like quitting smoking. There are 2 ways it can happen: either one forces themself to do it or simply feels that they have had enough. I quit smoking via the 2nd way and interestingly enough I improved my studying at one point similarly: just one day I thought to myself "Ok, when I get home, I will put on some music, but not browse around or anything, just focus on homework" and after a while it became a second nature, the funny thing is I didn't force myself for any of it, all happened so naturally.

    High school sucks because you have to study utterly dumb things like arts history or memorise some stuff about biology, especially the terminology. It's difficult to study for something you don't like. In university it's much easier, the key thing is, you have to know what you want to do and uni timetable is much looser too. In high school you are at school like on a work schedule basis, 90% of work at school, 10% on your own - in uni it's the opposite.
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    This question comes up very often and my response is always the same.

    Read this book: http://www.amazon.ca/How-Become-Straight-A-Student-Unconventional/dp/0767922719
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