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Bad summer placements?

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    Oh god I'm on a summer placement at a synchrotron and it has quickly turned into a hellish experience.

    I rent a room from a woman (who lives in the house too) and she is crazy. Once she got my rent money up-front, she started laying down all these rules like:
    *I'm not allowed to speak in my room
    *I'm not allowed to walk around too much in my room
    *I'm only allowed half a shelf in the fridge

    I was taking a shower the other day, and as soon as she heard me start the shower she turned off the boiler. The water goes cold a minute later, so i go to see what is wrong with the boiler and she starts complaining that I use too much water. (i only have one shower a day).

    And what I didn't know until after I moved in is that she babysits dogs. I get home and there a 3 dogs running around and jumping on me. They stayed for over a month. The whole house smells of dog urine. Argh.

    I've had enough now and am leaving. It means that I've had to finish my placement 3 weeks early because I couldn't find alternative accommodation.

    MORAL OF STORY: don't do placements in a country where you don't speak the language. Would have been so much easier to arrange alternative accommodation had I stayed in the UK.
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    C'est la France.
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