Baez (and others') talks at the Streetfest

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Intriguing abstract for public lecture to be given 14 July by John Baez

Baez has a linking bibliography for this talk at his site

He gave a related talk in 2003 at the Fields Institute in Toronto

Kea said she was attending Streetfest. Several people are blogging it live. We should pay attention maybe.

My personal (possibly a bit unrepresentative) interest comes by way of Loll's CDT. It looks to me as if the quantum continuum in CDT (which could have something to do with nature's real continuum) is not a conventional differentiable manifold or describable in terms of one, but instead is likely to be a novel mathematical structure. Category theory (Ross Street's specialty) and unconventional spinoffs thereof may inspire some definitions which will shed light on the CDT quantum spacetime continuum.

I am especially on the look out for situations in category theory which might describe a limit of simplicial manifolds or rather a limit of quantum superpositions of simplicial manifolds.

but that is just my own focus. the streetfest has a lot of people excited for all sorts of reasons.

I will get some more Streetfest links.
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All the links one needs for starters at least are on String Coffee Table

scroll down to Urs Schreiber addendum to Marni Sheppeard report from Sydney. Urs adds links, to abstracts, definitions etc.

I guess it is January down there. they say that "in Sydney we are enjoying the balmy winter and the calls of the cockatoos and lorakeets."



Hi everybody

Yes, we're having fun here. My middle right finger is being worn down to the bone from writing too much. A few hours off this afternoon. I won't repeat what has been said on the SCT - just say that there's more to come!

Kea :smile:


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Hello Kea,

Are the non commutative geometers there in some session? I am thinking of the Australian ones, S. Lord, Adam Rennie, ...

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