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Homework Help: Balance H2O2 - H2+H2O

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    My daughter has been asked to balance this chemical equation by her 7th grade Nun. Can anyone tell me if it can be done and how? Thanks

    H2O2 - H2+H2O
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    Focus on the number of oxygen atoms in the two relevant compounds. You see two of them on the left but only one of them on the right. Actually, the reaction written seems not to be the best representative of what might occur. Water and Hydrogen gas from just Hydrogen Peroxide? You would need 2 waters on the right. Now, you do not have a balance of Hydrogen atoms. Maybe another source of Hydrogen atoms on the left is needed?
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    I poked around the 'net for awhile, just to see if I could find that rxn, but...

    I'm thinking you have the wrong chemical equation. I could be wrong, but generally, hydrogen peroxide decomposes to make water and oxygen. I thought maybe this was a redox rxn, but running the rxn as written through google, and looking for "hydrogen peroxide as a redox rxn" pulled up nothing that looks like that.

    I could be wrong, but that's what I'm thinking.
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    I think Barfolumu is right; this reaction should form O2 and H2O; not hydrogen. If you drop hydrogen peroxide into a plate of aerobic bacteria, their catalases will decompose the hydrogen peroxide, as indicated by oxygen bubbles forming.
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    Thanks Guys

    Hi I'm Casey and my 7th grade teacher admitted that she copied the equation wrong on the board. The right equation was H2O2-H2O+O2
    I was able to balance it myself thank you for helping me figure out my teacher was wrong.
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