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Balance point distance

  1. Jun 11, 2013 #1
    Hi All

    Ive been racking my brains and i just can't remember how to calculate a 'seesaw' type balance point!?

    Please see the attachment - It am trying to work out what 'C' is (I know A, B & D)

    Thanks very much

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    You need to know the distances from below the centre of mass of each of the weights on the beam to the pivot point.

    Call these E (on the left) and F (on the right).

    Then A * E = B * F if the beam is balanced and weightless.
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    sorry i mean this


    Sorry for the confusion - please see my new attachment with a more accurate diagram.

    Basically i am trying to position a handle in the center of a product so when it is lifted it will be balanced.

    Again im after 'C'

    thanks very much

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    No, you have to know where the weights act on the beam.

    This is below the center of mass of each weight and not at the end of the beam.
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