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Balanced equations

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    Predict the products and write balanced equations for the following reactions:

    (a) AgNO3 + HCl

    (b) Zn + HCl

    (c) C2H5OH + O2 + heat

    For (a) i got AgNO3 + HCl = AgCl + HNO3
    For (b) i got Zn + 2HCl = ZnCl2 + H2

    Did i do it right? I have no idea how to do part (c)? Also what do they mean to predict the product?
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    If i remember correctly the chemistry i was taught in my freshman year

    C) Will give as products CO2, H2O, and Energy, like any good combustion reaction with organic substances
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    so for c) would it be: C2H5OH + O2 + heat = co2 + h20 + heat?
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    All answers are correct, except that in (c) you have to write its balanced equation. If there are two carbons in ethyl alcohol, then two moles of CO2 must be produced, as you know. The balanced form is easy to write, just make all atom numbers equal in both sides.
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    am still confused so for c) C2H5OH + O2 + heat is it:

    4 C2H5OH + 13 O2 + heat = 8CO2 + 10 H2O
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    I am not sure your query is correct, let's do like this:

    [tex]C_2H_5OH + O_2 \rightarrow CO_2 + H_2O[/tex]

    Here, you'll put some numbers to balance atom numbers, for example two carbons on the left, then two carbons must be on the right, etc. It is too easy to cause any confusion, don't think very complex. The answer is right there.
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