Balancing a hammer

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this is not a home work question k i know that it is easier to balance a hammer by having your finger touching the handle and the claw part of the hammer away from the earth
but how can we explain this with the laws of physics i know it has something to do with center of mass and inertia


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The hammer is subject to its weight, W, which is the force due to its mass and acceleration of gravity m[tex]\vec{g}[/tex].

In order to achieve zero torque, τ = [tex]\vec{r} x \vec{W}[/tex], |r| must be zero.

What must be the relationship of the center of mass with the pivot point, for a hammer to be balanced?
the center of mass is closer to the head of the hammer so it is easier to stabilize
what do u mean by pivot point. if i think i know what u mean by pivot point
u want the pivot point farther from the center of mass.
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