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Homework Help: Balancing a Redox Reaction

  1. Sep 23, 2007 #1
    Balancing a Redox Reaction.. urgent

    I have an assingment that is due tomorrow for my college chemistry class and i am stuck on the last problem. I need to balance the following redox reaction, but everytime i try it doesnt balance...

    H2O +I2 + OCl- ? IO3- + Cl- + H3O

    when i split it up into the half reactions i get
    I2 + 6H20 ? 2IO3- + 10e- + 12H+
    OCl- + 2e- + 2H+ ? Cl- + H2O
    which adds up to be this

    5OCl- + I2 + 2H+ + $H2O ? 2Cl- + 2IO3 + 12H+

    i dont get why it doesnt work. can someone show me what to do?? i have already searched the internet for tutorials, and i think i am doing everything correct.
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    OH yea the question mark (?) is supposed to be an arrow

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